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A bit about us!

Liberalization of trade barriers was a global phenomenon that has brought economic wealth across nations. Continuous studies and motivation is being dedicated for multilateral agreements and ways to advance trade liberalization. So far, we have clearly seen the benefits such as economic wealth, increase in foreign affairs, sharing of intellectual properties, and many other prosperities.

However, aside from the global momentum in favor of trade liberalization, many suspect the sustainability of economic cooperation and incline towards diminishing trade barriers. The worrisome situation of the recent global trend had led many countries to decent into trade protectionism and neo-isolationism.

In that sense, trade remedy issues are becoming more attractive and effective mechanism for trade protection. Therefore, it is important for companies to monitor the global trend very closely to strategically confront potential risks exposed in regards to trade remedy.

DKC Global Trade Consulting is one of the leading consulting firm, with more than a decade of experience in the field of Trade Remedy and Cost Restructuring. With extensive knowledge and profound analytical skills, we tailor to our client’s necessities, identify value creation opportunities, address most critical challenges, deliver the best strategy and solution regarding Trade Remedy and Cost Restructuring.

DKC Advisors prioritize, commit, and devote to enlarge the success of our potential clients.