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FTA Origin Management

DKC Global Trade Consulting can help companies identify opportunities to qualify their goods under FTA-specific rules of origin or reduce supply chain costs by taking advantage of FTAs (Free Trade Agreements). It further reduces risks in complying with FTA guidelines by streamlining logistical processes, eliminating manual work and ensuring adherence to the latest regulatory changes.

We can help you have the confidence to act boldly to strengthen your competitive advantage in a complex world. More specifically, our service provides benefits as follows:

A competitive advantage to expand the global market

The accurate application of FTAs allows companies to attain a competitive advantage and maximize profit from cost reduction through reduced customs duties. DKC Global can accommodate any existing free trade agreements.

Thorough preparation for customs authority verification

The number of foreign and domestic customs authority verifications is increasing, requiring meticulous review on the origin compliance process to avoid any unexpected penalty. DKC Global can help you enjoy automated collection of correct and complete data for adjusted value calculation and bills of material for the value of materials eliminates risk that may be experienced through manual processes today.

More efficient and effective FTA-origin management

This results in improved FTA origin-related work processes via automated data extraction, systematic origin calculation and sound supplier management. DKC Global allows you to manage FTA certification by automatically reminding vendors of expiring or missing certification documents.