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Interested in joining a dynamic and challenging work-environment?

DKC Global Trade Consulting recognizes that our success relies on the professional ability, motivation and resourcefulness of our people, and we lead our people to professional advisors through intensive on-the-job training and diverse work experience.

We invite you to explore the world of global trade consulting at DKC Global Trade Consulting.

Contact Us

  • E-mail:

Qualification for Application

  • Graduate or graduate-to-be (serviced in the military or exempt from the duty)
  • Fluent in English (fluency in other languages preferred)
  • KICPA / AICPA preferred

Required Documents

  • Resume and Cover Letter in both Korean and English

Recruiting Process

  • Campus Recruiting: Application Review -> Interview -> Internship (3 months) -> Appraise & Decide whether to hire
  • Experienced Hire: Application Review -> Interview -> Decide whether to hire